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If you’re looking to Sell Telefonix TF1 ToneRanger Cable Fault Locator

Telefonix TF1 ToneRanger®

The ToneRanger® locates resistance faults in twisted pair cable by transmitting two simultaneous frequencies, which are microprocessor analyzed in the receiver. This achieves a reduction in the tone “carry-by” (tone audible beyond location of the fault) of 30 to 1. Increased sensitivity will locate faults to 100k ohms. The ToneRanger® is not fooled by cable size changes, gauge changes, water, hidden slack loops, bridge taps, capacitance build outs, or load coils. The ToneRanger® is accurate, reliable, cost effective, and significantly minimizes the amount of time it takes a user to locate and isolate a fault.

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  • It gives an exact location that is not subject to the TDR and RFL distance measuring errors.
  • Locates twisted pair resistance faults in aerial, underground, and direct buried cable.
  • Locates splits, opens, and bridge taps.
  • Uses low voltage and does not damage cable, circuit cards, C.O. or subscriber equipment.
  • Sends Pair ID tone through wet pulp and saves service outage time on small count section throws.
  • Locates open shields and shield to earth faults.
  • Does not interfere with DSL, IPTV, or digital services on adjacent lines.

Buying, Selling, Trading Telefonix TF1